Today is Brought To You By The Letter “M”

Laura Schwindt
3 min readMar 18, 2020

How to insert more calm into the craziness of Coronavirus.

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We are waking up to a new reality every day as the story of Coronavirus evolves. It can be difficult for us to remain calm and easy to feel as if life is spinning out of control. I have been searching for ways to keep my inner peace during the day and what I have found are a few simple “M” measures that help.

Miracle Morning:

Avoid starting off your day with the news. Instead, take some time to journal, pray, read a good book, play with your pet, or make a healthy breakfast. This sets you up with a more positive outlook than you may have if you dive into the news first thing and get lost in that panic-ridden rabbit hole!

In fact, consider giving a time limit to your news intake. Pick a time during the day and pick a credible source. Then set a timer. Once the timer goes off, get back to life. I saw a photo that simply stated, “Fear does not stop death. It stops life.” Get your information and move on with life.

Movement and Meditation:

Both movement and meditation have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. They both also can give your immune system a boost.

Social distancing has forced many gyms to close, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting some movement into your day. You can easily add simple bodyweight exercises or yoga into your daily home routine. Cans of food can function as light weights. If you have steps in your home they can provide a wonderful cardiovascular workout. Towels can be used as yoga mats and bolsters.

YouTube offers unlimited choices of free workout, yoga, and meditation material that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Many gyms and yoga studios are adapting to the new restrictions by offering their members live zoom classes or apps to stream workouts from. One of my favorite streaming apps, Peloton, has offered a 90-day free subscription for new users.

Mental Shutdown:



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