How to Navigate the Stormy Days

Lessons from the Mountain

Laura Schwindt
2 min readJan 26, 2021
Steady She Stands

Every day, as I lift the blinds and let in the new day, I look west toward the mountain visible from our deck. Most mornings, she greets me in her full glory. Some mornings she is obscured by clouds, and I wonder where she is.

Today, however, she had a rim of clouds skirting around her base, and her top was peeking out, clearly visible and slightly pink from the morning sun that lit her up.

I paused to take in her sight and reflected on her magnificent ability to stand steady even as several different weather patterns exist from her base to her summit.

I proceeded to snap a quick iPhone photo to add to the hundreds I already have, and as I appreciated the beauty of the moment, I thought about life.

There are days when you are in the clouds of your mountain, and you may not be able to see the vision of your summit. It is days like this that can cause you to question the wisdom of even heading out on your trek.

In my experience, when you’re in the clouds, there are many steps you can take to regain your footing and reinvigorate your energy.

*Taking a moment to hydrate and fuel your body with healthy nutrients.
*Rest and recovery.
*Visiting with your ‘trail buddy,’ someone you can trust with your…



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